Hotel Criteria

If all a hotel guest is after is a clean place to spend the night as they are traveling to another destination, the choice of hotel is likely to be quite different from the person who is on vacation or on business at their destination.

Whatever category you fit into at the moment, here are a few things to keep in mind.

For the person passing through, one of the chain hotels is the best bet. They are excellent for their purpose of providing clean and affordable shelter.

I’ve been in remote places where the Mom-and-Pop hotel is the only option, and sometimes the experience has been a delight. Quirky rooms with home-made quilts, unusual furnishings, and super-clean in all respects.

On the other hand, I’ve also experienced lumpy beds, unpleasant odors, scratchy linen, and questionable sanitation.

The beauty of the hotel chains is that you know what you’ll get, and when you’re just passing through that’s a comfort. They don’t give you much in the way of extras, but you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you’re road weary and looking for a night’s rest.

Now, about the criteria for a longer stay. There are three main reasons for an extended stay that come to mind. One is for business. A second is for pleasure. And the third is for a family visit – in my case to be near a family member in the hospital.

For all three reasons, you will want to define your criteria regarding price, size, amenities.

Price. How much you are willing or able to spend will certainly focus your search for the best possible room. Determine the range and then start shopping online or by phone. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lodgings available in your price range.

Size. Will you get a kitchenette, suite, or room? For extended stays, I highly recommend that you get a kitchen if possible because eating out all the time can actually get tiresome, as well as being costly.

If not a kitchenette, then find out if you can have a microwave and fridge so that at least you can keep some fresh snacks on hand. Almost all rooms have a coffee maker nowadays, but ask about it just to be sure.

Regarding the choice between a suite or room, check the prices. Oftentimes, the difference isn’t that much, but the benefits are wonderful. Having a separate bedroom allows you to keep to your preferred schedule instead of compromising with someone sharing the lodgings.

Amenities. Does the hotel have a pool, an exercise room, a restaurant or lounge, shops? Are you located for easy access to the places you’re planning to go? Is the room you have reserved on the quiet side of the hotel, away from street noise? Does your room have a view?

If you ask about these little perks rather than leaving it up to the desk, you are more likely to get them, so decide what features you value and request them.

For business. Consider these criteria, and when you call to make reservations or go on-line to do your research, ensure that your top priorities exist. You’ll enjoy your stay and have a more productive business trip.

1) Is there sufficient work space in the room? My wife and I travel together on business, and it is frustrating that there is often only one desk or table with a chair that fits it comfortably for writing or working on the computer.

2) Is there high-speed internet? Is it wireless? Is it reliable? Is there a daily fee or is it included in the room charge?