Popular Punta Cana Hotels

Some hotels in Punta Cana are designed by prominent Spanish architects – and are very impressive. They include all kinds of amenities from offering delicious food, drink, exceptional entertainment to sports activities and business facilities. Visitors can find hotels to suit both their budget and taste. Some hotels have their own Web sites and booking facilities while information on others can only be accessed through government tourist centers on arrival.

Built in 1993, the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel that caters to every taste. The property is situated on the beach and is surrounded by impressive greenery and a lovely coconut grove. The hotel has 594 rooms, each of which have balconies or a terrace with an excellent view of the beach. Apart from the regular hotel activities, this hotel has facilities for ping-pong, water polo, badminton, and other sports and games. It also includes a business center, multilingual staff, swimming pools for children, tennis courts and access to the beach. Accommodations offer air conditioning, telephone, television, mini bar and broadband Internet access.

The Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites is a deluxe hotel located 13 miles from Punta Cana Airport. It is also convenient to reach the hotel from the Santo Domingo Airport. This hotel overlooks the Bavaro Golf Club and is surrounded by tropical gardens that provide a tranquil atmosphere. The Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites resort can be the perfect getaway from hectic city life. The nearby Bavaro beach offers a wide variety of water sport facilities. Accommodations are comprised of elegant guest rooms with all modern conveniences. The hotel offers two restaurants serving Italian and Mexican cuisine. As the name suggests, this hotel is known for its 18-hole golf course. The hotel pampers its guests with personalized service to add to the facilities it offers.

Secrets Excellence Punta Cana is a relatively new hotel located on a mile-long stretch of beach. Situated approximately 50 miles from Punta Cana International Airport, this hotel is strictly for adults. The hotel has a large pool with bridges, a swim-up bar, snack bar, and six restaurants. There is also a more intimate pool. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, 24-hour fitness programs, and evening entertainment that include both performances and interactive shows. All 446 rooms have balconies or terraces, hot tubs, bathrobes, hairdryers, vanity mirrors, data ports, mini-bars, irons, coffeemakers, and cable TV. The prices of the rooms range from $308 to $476 per night.

Cheap Hotel Rates

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Good Rate On Hotels

First of all, if you have any flexibility in where you go, when you go, and how you go, you can save a lot of money. Here’s why. To save money on travel, travel during off peak hours. Booking a hotel during the weekend will cost you more than if it was mid week. The busier the time period that you will be traveling, the more costly all of your expenses will be.

Second, if you are going to a major destination, one where there will be countless hotels and lots of people, try to find a hotel that is out of the way somewhat. Driving even just ten minutes away from the location will save you money! People insist on staying right in the action, but really it is more crowded, noisier, and just safer to travel a slight distance.

Book ahead of time! The farther in advance you can book your hotel stay the better. You’ll find that last minute fees are awful! Walk in rates are even worse. Plan ahead and book ahead, for the best rate options in hotels.

Look for the deals. Sure, everyone thinks they have found the best deal, but have they? If you spend just a few minutes online looking for different hotel rates, you will have the best options in front of you. Not only look at the hotel websites, but also look at the online travel sites as well. Sometimes, they can offer a better rate as well.

Another important aspect that you can save money on is amenities. Often times, hotels will offer some outstanding amenities. These could include spas, pools, and golf courses. There are many more. But, by placing these free amenities in front of the customer, they hope to draw individuals in. But, think about this. Will you have time to use them? Sure, they are nice features but they also end up costing you more. If you are not going to have the time to enjoy these features, then look for hotels without so many!

In the end, it is up to you to find the best hotel for your needs. We are in no way telling you that you should avoid the higher priced versions. If you want that, then by all means go for it! Make the hotel fit your needs and leave out the things that are less important to save money. Take that money and use it on a dinner out or a special treat for you and your family!

Hotels in Florence

This Hotel is situated in Via Laura, where two historical figures of the Renaissance have left their mark: Lorenzo de’Medici and Sister Domenica of Paradise. Originally it was a country road crossing into some vegetable gardens, thus aptly called Via Verzura later modified into Via Ventura. When Lorenzo de’Medici decided to build a house for courtesans, the name was changed to Via Laurenziana, then abbreviated to Via Laura.

Sister Domenica was the daughter of a farmer from Pian di Ripoli, south of Florence, who worked some lands belonging to the convent of St. Brigida al Paradiso. Having entered this same convent and taking the name of Sister Domenica del Paradiso, she developed a reputation for sanctity. This didn’t stop her from giving her nuns a useful and practical occupation. She introduced the art of weaving gold and silver cloths with great economic success.

Even though she was a Domenican, she did not agree with Fra’ Girolamo Savonarola whom she never quoted in her writings. This is why she earned the friendship of Savonarola’s great antagonists, the Medici, who allowed her to buy a large piece of land to one side of Via Laura (where the present building stands) for a mere 190 Florins. In 1511 she began building a new convent, spending some 20.000 gold Florins. It wasn’t by chance that it was made easy for a Domenican convent, loyal to the Medici, to be built only one block away from Savonarola’s church, S.Marco.

Later on, Pope Clement VII, Lorenzo’s nephew (his father, Giuliano de’Medici, was killed in the famous Pazzi conspiracy) was very generous to Sister Domenica of Paradise. She kept her old name in honour of her former convent though the new one was called the convent of the Crocetta after the small red cross that the nuns wore sewn on their habit. Even the street was called Via della Crocetta for a long period of time.

Along this same street, in 1502 canon Marco Strozzi founded another convent for six devout ladies: S. Maria degli Angeli, afterwards called S. Maria degli Angiolini, near the Palazzo of the Crocetta that later became the Archeological Museum.

On the side of the street, where the Hotel Morandi alla Crocetta now stands, the convent of the Crocetta had its gardens and cloisters. On this site, Sister Domenica of Paradise had a vision of Jesus commemorated by a XVI century tabernacle built to the rear, on Via Giusti. In the hotel Morandi alla Crocetta, one can admire XVII century frescoes depicting scenes of the life of the blessed Domenica of Paradise.

The convent was then enlarged by the devout princess Maria Maddalena de’Medici, daughter of Grand Duke Ferdinand I. She lived in her Palazzo of the Crocetta, built in 1619, and, in order to visit the nuns more conveniently, she had an overpass built across the street, which can still be seen in Via Laura. The same princess engaged the architect Luigi Orlandi in 1757 to redecorate and modernize the church which contained the remains of the, by now, Blessed Domenica of Paradise.

At the turn of the century, during the suppression of monasteries, the Convent of the Crocetta was requisitioned and after various wanderings, the nuns settled in Via Aretina, transferring the remains of Blessed Domenica of Paradise. The church was partly demolished and embodied in the building where the school of law of the University of Florence stands, having formerly housed the general archives of finances when Florence was the capital of Italy. During the same period, as capital of Italy, in order to satisfy the immediate need for housing for the State employees, the cloisters and convent were walled up to create new lodgings. The convent of S. Maria degli Angeli was transformed into a Conservatory by the Lorain Grandukes.