Great Hotel in Barcelona

Casa Camper Hotel received some nice comments from guests. It has 25 rooms that are decorated in creative fashions that match the amazing décor of the entire hotel. Extras, like minibar and room service, are included in the base cost so you do not end up with a huge bill at check out. It is a short walk to P. Catalvyna and close to the city. For those that like quiet nights , the Casa Camper Hotel is removed enough from the nightlife so it provides a quite sleeping environment. The Casa Camper hotel in Barcelona received great reviews and was listed as well worth checking out.

The Hotel Arts hotel in Barcelona has 402 rooms and is located on the beach. While not every hotel in Barcelona is not usually known for its beaches, the location does provide beautiful views. It is not quite near the city, so you must travel to get to attractions. The nearby restaurants provide wonderful cuisine that makes the location desirable. They are said to have some of the best beds a hotel in Barcelona can offer. The cost of The Hotel Arts does discourage some guests and extras are not included in this base price. Overall, it was reviewed as a great hotel, but not really worth the price.

The Neri Hotel in Barcelonahas artistic décor that draws you into their 22 room establishment. With the use of stone and wood, the décor is beautiful. The rooms are cozy and they offer you the choice of five different sheet types. It is advised that you get good directions to the hotel because it is hard to find. There are no scenic views, but the attention to detail in all the aspects of this hotel makes up for that. Overall, this hotel was said to have exceptional service and created an amazing experience for visitors, making it a must.

The Hesperia Sarria has 134 rooms and is located in a quiet area of Barcelona. It is within walking distance to the train station (Les Tres Torres) and many other attractions. There are locked minibars and safes provided in the modern and clean rooms. There is a restaurant on site, although guests say you may never try it because of the closeness of so many other great bars and restaurants. This was noted by gests to be a great buy.

Info of Hotel Guide in China

Mostly these types of 4 and 5 star hotels will be ok, generally they will be run by a western boss and have western heads of all the departments.

Training, etc, of the staff, consistency of the level service from an international brand hotel is important, so most will have enough English speakers around to make your stay welcome and hassle free.

The breakfast will be catered for both Chinese and Western appetites, with the hotel occupancy rate around 50 – 50 Chinese to Westerner.

o Hotel Travel Guide China – Chinese hotels, 4 and 5 stars within the Major Cities

Within the major cities, most will be as the International brands and the level of service just as good.

Within the restaurants and shops, the English should be at a level that you would get most things without too much bother.

If the clientele is Westerner and Chinese, the breakfast will be all the usual food that you will recognize.

o Hotel Travel Guide China – Chinese hotels, 4 and 5 star, Rural location

I lot of Chinese travel, for these hotels this is their major business, not westerners, the westerners are classed as an extra, which has come along over the last few years.

Some have not learnt to deal with this extra business yet.

These more out of the way Chinese 4 and 5 Star hotels are a little different; comparatively the fixtures and fitting will be the same standard as any 4 or 5 Star hotel, however sometimes the same care and attention in the maintenance and service to the customer will be different to what you will be used too.

Not necessarily worst or bad, just different.

Western and Chinese expectations in all areas of the China travel business are different, this is the why I set up Travel-the-Real-China .com.

The level of English generally will not be as good, so just take your time, they will find someone, or you will work, just keep your cool.

I have stayed at some great Chinese 4 and 5 star hotels, and been very happy, so do not be put off.

All I have visited have been clean tidy and for an overall statement: a pleasant stay was had by all.

The breakfast will be a Chinese breakfast and if it is a regular stop for Western travelers, some western food will be served.

If it is an out of the way place, you may not get the type of breakfast you expect, the Chinese eat different things for breakfast, so to get a simple cup of tea or coffee and some toast just will not happen.

There will be hot water, if you have to have your tea or coffee, bring your own.

The breakfast will have lots of food, just not, what you will be expecting.

o Hotel Travel Guide China – Chinese hotels, 3 star

These 3 star Chinese hotels usually gets very high traffic and occupancy… mostly Chinese, and now the westerners, especially with the major cities

For these hotels, maintenance is not high on there lists, so you may find a few things that will not work or have fallen of the wall.

If it is dangerous, most of the time, something will be done, otherwise no one will care.

Within the major cities most will be clean and tidy and offer some sort of western food for breakfast. Out in the remoter areas… not really.

The breakfast will have lots of food, just not, what you will be expecting.

Take some tea and coffee if you really need this there will always be hot water.

The level of English within the major cities will be, just enough for you to check in, and out in the remoter areas, checking in can take come time.

There is a high number of these hotels and it can be a great way to see the country, in Tibet the 3 star hotels are a little pricy, however within China most are good value and will be clean with showers in all the rooms.

You just need to be a where; its good value, clean and some small things maybe a little frustrating with it, however that’s China.

Go with the flow, its part of the adventure of China.

o Hotel Travel Guide China – Shanghai hotels – Special rates and location

I know of a few small and very good value inner city hotels within Shanghai.

These are Chinese hotels and will not be on anyone’s list to book, as they are new and classed as Chinese business hotels.

Please contact to author if you would like to know more details.

Hotel Criteria

If all a hotel guest is after is a clean place to spend the night as they are traveling to another destination, the choice of hotel is likely to be quite different from the person who is on vacation or on business at their destination.

Whatever category you fit into at the moment, here are a few things to keep in mind.

For the person passing through, one of the chain hotels is the best bet. They are excellent for their purpose of providing clean and affordable shelter.

I’ve been in remote places where the Mom-and-Pop hotel is the only option, and sometimes the experience has been a delight. Quirky rooms with home-made quilts, unusual furnishings, and super-clean in all respects.

On the other hand, I’ve also experienced lumpy beds, unpleasant odors, scratchy linen, and questionable sanitation.

The beauty of the hotel chains is that you know what you’ll get, and when you’re just passing through that’s a comfort. They don’t give you much in the way of extras, but you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you’re road weary and looking for a night’s rest.

Now, about the criteria for a longer stay. There are three main reasons for an extended stay that come to mind. One is for business. A second is for pleasure. And the third is for a family visit – in my case to be near a family member in the hospital.

For all three reasons, you will want to define your criteria regarding price, size, amenities.

Price. How much you are willing or able to spend will certainly focus your search for the best possible room. Determine the range and then start shopping online or by phone. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lodgings available in your price range.

Size. Will you get a kitchenette, suite, or room? For extended stays, I highly recommend that you get a kitchen if possible because eating out all the time can actually get tiresome, as well as being costly.

If not a kitchenette, then find out if you can have a microwave and fridge so that at least you can keep some fresh snacks on hand. Almost all rooms have a coffee maker nowadays, but ask about it just to be sure.

Regarding the choice between a suite or room, check the prices. Oftentimes, the difference isn’t that much, but the benefits are wonderful. Having a separate bedroom allows you to keep to your preferred schedule instead of compromising with someone sharing the lodgings.

Amenities. Does the hotel have a pool, an exercise room, a restaurant or lounge, shops? Are you located for easy access to the places you’re planning to go? Is the room you have reserved on the quiet side of the hotel, away from street noise? Does your room have a view?

If you ask about these little perks rather than leaving it up to the desk, you are more likely to get them, so decide what features you value and request them.

For business. Consider these criteria, and when you call to make reservations or go on-line to do your research, ensure that your top priorities exist. You’ll enjoy your stay and have a more productive business trip.

1) Is there sufficient work space in the room? My wife and I travel together on business, and it is frustrating that there is often only one desk or table with a chair that fits it comfortably for writing or working on the computer.

2) Is there high-speed internet? Is it wireless? Is it reliable? Is there a daily fee or is it included in the room charge?

Cozumel Hotels

There are hotels and resorts on the island built on or near some of the best beach diving available. They offer everything from diving equipment and lessons, to snorkeling gear and swim fins for an enjoyable underwater experience merely feet from your room. Others are built to take advantage of the offshore reefs a short boat ride from the beach where the diving and snorkeling is unbeatable. Still others offer family fun with a myriad of activities for the kids while the parents can enjoy their free time on the island however they choose. And then there are the lodges built for the serious fisherman who comes to catch some of the many types of ocean fish available around the island. These places offer serious equipment, including many boat excursions around the island to some of the well-known spots for catching fish.

Some hotels offer a choice of suites with kitchenettes, or modest air conditioned rooms just steps away from the excitement of the waterfront with its many restaurants, oceanfront bars and magnificent shopping. When you stay in this type of hotel, you have the best of both worlds as the best diving beaches are minutes away and yet you have many amenities available to you just a short walk from your comfortable room. There are condos for rent on the island as well as houses priced to fit any budget. You merely have to do a little research, decide what you want from your fabulous Cozumel vacation, and then go for it!